360fit Integrated Wellness Solution announces the launch of its mobile application


Chicago, Illinois (February 12, 2018) – 360fit, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the mobile application for its 360fit wellness solution, a challenge-driven corporate wellness platform that connects employees’ fitness efforts with incentive programs and charitable organizations on both a national and international level.

360fit provides ongoing and flexible integrated wellness challenges for employees and organizations, with a focus on team building, benefit rewards, and an unparalleled focus on charity. Pre-integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and other supported HR systems, 360fit offers individuals, teams and companies an opportunity to help themselves while helping others. By partnering with a diverse list of charities, 360fit users are inspired to add a few more thousand steps to their daily routine, donating their rewards to those in need and instilling in them a sense of meaning and purpose in their efforts.

The 360fit mobile app allows employees to easily enroll and participate in company-sponsored challenges, activities and events. Companies can easily craft their own unique programs, or choose from a curated list of pre-configured challenges. 360fit integrates with numerous devices, including the Apple Health Kit, Apple Watch and Fitbit.

“Today’s young professional is focused more on purpose than paycheck, more on maximizing strengths than minimizing weaknesses, and more on making a positive impact not only within their companies, but beyond, into their communities and the world. 360fit enables our best and brightest to contribute to their charity of choice by participating in individual, team and company-wide fitness events and challenges. Pre-integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and with its own mobile app, 360fit fits in with how today’s workforce works, lives and plays, engendering high engagement and creating committed employees driven by a sense of purpose.”

— Todd Newton, Founder, 360fit, LLC

About 360fit: Our mission is to provide the most effective high-engagement corporate fitness platform in the market, with the unparalleled ability to deliver positive health/lifestyle change to the greater U.S. corporate population, to help employers attract and retain a healthy, productive and engaged workforce, and to help organizations decrease healthcare costs by providing them the capability to measure, evolve and improve our platform based on their unique goals and needs. 360fit.com.